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Filter Wheels and Guiders

I use various filters wheels. We have an ATIK EFW-2 out in Spain. We chose that wheel because the 9 filter positions proved very useful when operating remotely and we were able to include a dark filter for dark frames as the 694 camera has no mechanical shutter.

The Xagyl wheel I use currently on my 8" F8 RCT - used with the lightweight Starlight and ATIK cameras it makes for a super light system that does not tax the focuser.

The Starlight wheel has a bolt on Off Axis Guider that works very well with the Lodestar autoguider.

I also use a Hasselblad 250mm F4 lens for wide field work with the QSI. This is excellent for narrow band imaging and a delight to use. Not so good for broadband as the colour correction is not as good in the deep blue.

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Filter Wheels and Guiders