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My name is Ian King. I have been an avid Astrophotographer since the 1980's and have been using CCD Camera's for deep sky imaging since 1990.

I work mostly from my own private observatory at my home in Kent England. I also enjoy astro imaging trips to the Island of La Palma - one of the Canary Islands. Along with some of my friends we have enjoyed some memorable trips to La Palma.

My current choice of equipment include an Avalon Instruments Linear Mounting on which I image through a Takahasho TSA 102 Refractor and an IKHAROS 8" Ritchey Chretien and various Hasselblad and Nikon lenses.

I use two CCD Cameras, QSI 683 and Starlight Xpress SXVR-H9

I run a business called IanKingImaging Ltd which specialises in supplying instrumentation for deep sky imaging.

I am married with two children and my other interests include Weymouth Football Club, the rock band "Rush" and my Mini Cooper S Car.

Recently I have collaborted (once again) with my great friend Nik Szymanek. We have set up a 10" RCT on a Paramount MX mount with a QSI CCD Camera at the remote hosting site Astrocamp in Southern Spain.

This gives us access to superb quality skies and a much better clear night ratio than we get in the UK

I read a lot of Science Fiction - but the most recent book I have read is Martin Mobberley's biography of Sir Patrick Moore - It Came From Outer Space wearing an RAF Blazer!: A Fan's Biography of Sir Patrick Moore.